Through Another Set of Eyes  by Aryivon J. CollierThrough Another Set of Eyes

by Aryivon J. Collier

Are you ready to handle life’s pain and frustrations?

Engross yourself in a collection of poetry inspired by life’s realities—both the good and the bad in Through Another Set of Eyes. It will take you on a wonderful lyrical journey that will help you understand more about yourself, including your weaknesses and strengths.

Some pieces in this compilation are quite personal, but they offer comfort; while others are inspirational poems that uplift your heart and enlighten your soul. This book is purposely woven to help you ease your pain and frustrations and make your life more meaningful.

Throughout this poetic ride, you will find insights, feel diverse emotions, witness several experiences, and view life in its barest form—packed with mystery, truths and challenges, but indeed very fascinating.